Season 4

Brandi Morris - Taking the Leap Episode 41

Brandi Morris

Season 4 | Episode 41

Amy Seiffert - Taking the Leap Episode 42

Amy Seiffert

Season 4 | Episode 42

Lori Vober - Taking the Leap Episode 43

Lori Vober

Season 4 | Episode 43

Billy Hallowell - Taking the Leap Episode 44

Billy Hallowell

Season 4 | Episode 44

Meisha Watson - Taking the Leap Episode 45

"Hey Meisha" Watson

Season 4 | Episode 45

Tori Shirah - Taking the Leap Episode 46

Tori Shirah

Season 4 | Episode 46

Amber Joy Daniel - Taking the Leap Episode 2

Dr. Amber Joy Daniel

Season 4 | Episode 47

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

Steven Adjei- Taking the Leap Episode 49

Steven Adjei

Season 4 | Episode 49

Aaron Tredway - Taking the Leap Episode 50

Aaron Tredway

Season 3 | Episode 50

Monet Carpenter - Taking the Leap Episode 51

Monet Carpenter

Season 4 | Episode 51

10 Leaping Lessons I Have Learned Over the Last Year

10 Leaping Lessons I Have Learned Over the Last Year

Rachel G. Scott
Season 4 | Episode 52

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